SuperNest SL Hammock

$ 475 AUD
Colour: Coastal Blue
    Stay cool and comfy in our ENO SuperNest SL Backyard Hammock. Its exceptionally breathable mesh body, plush pillows, and 3D contoured construction are designed to create a refreshing experience so you can enjoy the summer breeze season after season.
    1. Premium mesh body engineered for optimum breathability and strength
    2. 3D-contoured construction conforms to your natural curvature to improve comfort and stability
    3. Dual plush pillows create symmetrical lounging experience
    4. Built for all-weather performance and lasting durability
    5. Dual hanging pockets to keep drinks and essentials by your side
    6. Built with marine-grade hardware to withstand degradation and rust
    7. Nature-inspired colorways bring inspiration to your backyard or outdoor space

    Compatible with ENO® SoloPod XL Hammock Stand and Apollo Hammock Straps.



    • Breathable mesh body is built with UV-resistant fabrics

    • Built For Backyard Comfort - The outdoor-grade ENO SuperNest SL hammock features a premium and spacious mesh body that is optimized for comfort, breathability, and durability that lasts season after season

    • Effortless Lounging - With its 3D-contoured design, the ENO SuperNest SL Hammock provides an ergonomically superior lounging experience and increased stability while sitting or laying

    • Convenient Features - This spreader bar ENO hammock comes with convenient features like removable pillows and dual hanging pockets with dividers to keep essentials organized and at arm's reach

    Material: Olefin Fabric, PVC/Polyester/Olefin Blend Mesh*, Polyester Trims, Anodized Aluminium, Stainless Steel Hardware *Phthalate-Free

    Capacity: 181 kg

    Dimensions: 2.4 x 1.4 m

    Weight: 7 kg

    Setup and Care


    Check out the product setup guide here.

    Product Care

    With proper care, your ENO hammock will provide countless hours of relaxation.

    • Keep it out of direct UV light when not in use and store dry in a cool place.
    • Prevent damage by removing sharp items in pockets and debris from shoes.
    • Hammocks are flammable; keep away from open flames and embers.
    • Get it dirty? Remove carabiners, hand wash in cold water with mild detergent, and hang dry.

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