SuperNest Hammock

$ 625 AUD
Colour: Heather Merlot

    Built for backyard hammocking, the ENO SuperNest Hammock incorporates innovative construction techniques and premium, outdoor-grade materials to create a new class of spreader bar hammocks that can live seasonally outdoors at your home. 

    1. 3D-contoured design improves stability and safety compared to traditional spreader bar hammocks
    2. Built for all-weather performance and durability
    3. Wave-inspired quilting breathes comfort into your backyard or outdoor space
    4. Two removable plush pillows create symmetrical lounging experience
    5. Dual hanging pockets to keep drinks and essentials by your side
    6. Built with marine-grade hardware to withstand degradation and rust

    Compatible with ENO® SoloPod XL Hammock Stand and Apollo Hammock Straps.



    • Plush wave-inspired quilting creates a premium lounging experience

    • Time-tested, seasonal performance - We spent 3 years developing prototypes and testing weather-resistant materials to create a unique design that hangs in a class of its own

    • Innovative 3D Design - The SuperNest features a curved spreader bar made from anodized aluminium that contours the hammock in 2 directions to increase comfort, safety, and stability

    • Calming Colourways - The SuperNest’s down-to-earth colour palette integrates heather yarn to create a soft, neutral hue that’s as cozy as your comfiest t-shirt

    Material: Olefin Body Fabric, Polyester Lining & Trims, Anodized Aluminium, Stainless Steel Hardware

    Capacity: 181 kg

    Dimensions: 2.4 x 1.4 m

    Weight: 8.9 kg

    Setup and Care


    Check out the product setup guide here.

    Product Care

    With proper care, your ENO hammock will provide countless hours of relaxation.

    • Keep it out of direct UV light when not in use and store dry in a cool place.
    • Prevent damage by removing sharp items in pockets and debris from shoes.
    • Hammocks are flammable; keep away from open flames and embers.
    • Get it dirty? Remove carabiners, hand wash in cold water with mild detergent, and hang dry.

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