SkyLite Hammock

$ 270 AUD
Colour: Pacific

    The tent-inspired ENO SkyLite Hammock provides unrivalled camping comfort with its game-changing ergonomic design that feels supportive yet delivers a weightless sleeping experience sure to rejuvenate any camper.

    1. Removable DAC spreader bars create an incredibly flat sleeping experience
    2. Integrated bug net with zippered door creates a tent-like canopy above your hammock
    3. Specialized ripstop fabric provides ultimate blend of comfort and strength
    4. Aluminium toggle system saves weight and will have you relaxing securely in seconds
    5. Interior pockets and hanging accessory loops keep essentials close by
    Designed for use with ENO® Helios Hammock Straps.



    • Flat Out Comfort - A spacious 7-foot long hammock body is constructed with a proprietary pattern that creates a more flat and supportive sleeping experience, unlike any other hammock.

    • Removable DAC Spreader Bars - Ultralight DAC Spreader Bars quickly connect to the hammock and are removable/collapsible for more versatile packing options. Did we mention they're made with sustainable Green Anodization?

    • Integrated Bug Net - The SkyLite's integrated and tensioned bug net makes setup a breeze and keeps you protected from those pesky mosquitoes.

    • Tent-Inspired Door – Taking cues from ground dwellers, the SkyLite’s tent-inspired door can be unzipped and stowed via quick release toggles for a more open experience

    Material: 40D NewWave™ Nylon / SkyWeave Lite Mesh

    Capacity: 113 kg

    Dimensions: 2.1 x 1.0 m

    Weight: 0.91 kg

    Setup and Care


    Check out the product setup guide here.

    Product Care

    With proper care, your ENO hammock will provide countless hours of relaxation.

    • Keep it out of direct UV light when not in use and store dry in a cool place.
    • Prevent damage by removing sharp items in pockets and debris from shoes.
    • Hammocks are flammable; keep away from open flames and embers.
    • Get it dirty? Remove carabiners, hand wash in cold water with mild detergent, and hang dry.

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