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Cairn Pro Sandal

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Colour: Charcoal

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For wet and slippery missions, there’s Cairn Pro. With its super sticky, non-marking Vibram Megagrip® outsole, our Pro model gives you superior footing no matter where you wander.

  • Patent-Pending Y-Strap design features 3/4 inch premium webbing, 3 adjustment zones and our sole-hugger wings for locked-in stability.
  • Pro Megagrip Vibram® Sole: Super sticky + grippy rubber designed to perform in slippery conditions. Non-marking Andesite-Gray colour, wears out slightly faster than our standard Cairn Vibram® Sole.
  • Minimalist footbed conforms to your feet for superior ground feel, flexibility and packability.
  • Granite Grip footbed features grooved, triangular traction, that provides excellent grip in both dry and wet conditions.
  • At 14 mm stack height, the Cairn Vibram® sole is just the right thickness - not too thin, for extra rock protection and increased durability, and not too thick, for maximum flexibility and weight/space savings.
  • We spent years sourcing the best materials in the world, so you can spend maximum time enjoying the outdoors. The Cairn is USA Assembled of Domestic and Foreign Parts.

Customer Reviews

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Rachel P
Perfect for my Needs

Excellent shoes. Very comfortable, good grip, and easy to clean.

They Rock!

First day out was a rainy and muddy Redwood Park in the Oakland Hills. The Bedrocks exceeded my expectations and my friends hiking boots. Looking forward to the Spring and Summer, but definitely not worried about Winter though. I got a shout out from a hiker who just bought some, but was bummed they didnt wear them once they saw me out there

Christopher S
Rock Solid

So impressed thus far. Only a week in, but have worn my Cairn Pros nonstop and comfort is king, as it should be. I usually have a break-in period for my feet getting used to sandal season but these have been super right out of the box. Adjustment is easy and I dont even notice the cord between the toes it is an ingeniously simplistic way to anchor the foot. I am excited and hopeful for my wife to try these as she has bunions and the strap system could be clutch

This is the best thing I've ever had on my feet

It's simply amazing. Sandals are lightweight, durable, flexible and fit like a glove. Sole is thin, but soft and non-slippery on any surface, in any conditions, both from the inside and outside. Thong doesn't chafe and I don't even feel it. Love them to death and hope to be buried in them.

Scott N
Perfect for my intended use

Love them, I own 5 pairs of huarache style sandals, these are the latest..I wanted a pair that were a bit stiffer and thicker for riding bicycle and bad weather use,The Bedrocks rock…..I will ware them once and a while for running and hiking and expect them to work well as they fit snuggly to my foot and are comfortable….REALLY glad i bought them.

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