Hammock Vs Tents

Hammocks are much more than a place to just relax. They are also a lightweight travel and camping option that will keep you dry and cosy in even the toughest conditions. Check our these hammock camping benefits for more information.
  1. Looking up at the stars: Hammocks allow you to sleep under the stars
  2. No points of resistance: Hammock distributes weight evenly.  Less pressure points than a mat or pad on the ground.
  3. No condensation: Breathable, allows airflow in the summer months
  4. Less impact on the environment: Tree friendly straps that hug trees safely. Reduces trampling of grass or vegetation.
  5. Hang above the ground: Big advantage of being above the ground, can camp above the snow, swamps or pools of water. No digging trenches around your tent or waking up in a pool of water. Away from rodents and pests.
  6. Doubles as a seat: Its great to set your hammock up just to relax on a break. Light enough to carry in your day pack, gives you a reason to hike back to your favourite spot and set up your hammock to relax.
  7. Weight: Comparable to an ultra light solo tent, more flexibility and space.  Pick and choose what accessories you want for each trip. Ultra light options available.
  8. Space: More space under a tarp to work with. Keeps multiple people dry in a pinch. Store the tarp on the outside of your pack so it dries as you hike and is easy to access in am emergency.
  9. Colours: Huge range of colours available, large selection of bright colours that search and rescue can see from the air. Doubles as a stretcher or sling etc.
  10. Heat Distribution: Even heat distribution with several options to stay warm. Use your existing kit or buy specialised hammock accessories to increase functionality.
  11. Help Recovery: Optimal blood circulation, better sleep, stress reduction, helps muscle aches and improves focus. 

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