Bedrock Sandals Review

Writing gear reviews isn’t a skill that comes easily to most outdoor enthusiasts. We know what we like and why and leave the writing to those better suited.

I thought I would do a bit of research and see what was out on the internet before I started to pen my review of the Bedrock Cairn sandals that I have been wearing for the last six months. I was pretty impressed to see that nearly every review rated it as the best sandal on the market. Wow, that makes my job easy. Just put a few links down and let people read what the professional journos have written. But sometimes gear is just that good you have to find a way to put what you know into words.

I got my first, and likely only pair (because they are going to last so long) of Bedrock sandals in March this year. I wear them every day. They have been one of the first items that I throw in my bag when I head out on a trip.

So far this year they have visited New Zealand’s Fiordland on a whirlwind 8-day paddle trip along the outer coast, 4 weeks paddling along the southern coast of South Australia and Western Australia, week in Hawaii for the annual Molokai surf ski race then 5 weeks paddling up the outer coast of SE Alaska. After a week-long break at home on Victoria’s Surf Coast they headed off to Zimbabwe and Namibia to be tested in the hot and arid bushlands on a walking safari. They are now at home enjoying a well-earned rest and only doing the morning surf checks and getting me to and from training every day.

But you know what, they still look brand new. They haven’t worn out at all and I can’t find anything wrong with them. Well not anything that a good wash won’t fix up.

They are lightweight, pack down to almost nothing, extremely durable and above all super comfy. I am looking forward to continuing to test them out every single day.

Oh, and I have a pair of Chaco’s and pair of Teva’s if anyone wants them because I don’t think I will be wearing them anytime soon

Chris Porter


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