KUPILKA 30 - tall cup

$ 41.50 AUD
Colour: Original

The Kupilka 30 is is a minimalistic and handleless cup designed for the urban adventurer. The cup has three built-in ridgelines that make it ergonomic and sturdy to hold and improve its durability and insulation properties.

Manufactured using a carbon neutral production process.


Volume: 300 mL / 3.0 dl / 10.56 fl oz

Weight: 130 g / 4.59 ounces

Dimensions: 116 mm x 82 mm x 82 mm (HxWxL)

By the way, have you noticed that you can find out the size of each Kupilka product by its number? For example, the volume of Kupilka 21 cup is 2,1 dl and the length of Kupilka Spork 165 is 16.5 cm.

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