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Classic Sandal (9mm)

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Colour : Black
Brown Pattern
Size : Men 5 / Women 6

Huarache-inspired, but updated with modern materials and construction, Classics are our original sandal geared for ground feel.

Bedrock began in 2011 with our classic huarache-inspired outdoor sandals. Our classics combine an old school strap system with a simple Vibram® sole to make super minimalist sandals that let your feet be free.

The Bedrock classics are old school, ultralight, and huarache-inspired. The tried and true design comes with an expanded rubber Vibram® Sole, our super strong nylon footbed and multiple strapping options. Our classics are built for ultralight travel, barefoot-style running, and basecamp festivities.

This is the syncline model with 9 mm footbed.

  • Made from the an expanded rubber Vibram® compound that is 9mm thick including our granite grip footbed.
  • Densely woven stand-up strapping made from recycled polyester and lined with recycled bike tubes.
  • Average weight per size 9 sandal: 130 grams, 100% Vegan Materials.

Bedrock's sizing is unisex (e.g. size 9/10 is equivalent to size 9 for men, and size 10 for women.) Some Bedrockers find our sizes run slightly small, especially in our smallest sizes. To find your Bedrock Size please follow the directions and consult our sizing chart below.

Print your Size Outline

Print off your likely size outlines for the Cairn Sandals or Classic sandals in our chart below to find your ideal fit. Please note that you must change Printer Settings to "100% Scale".

You can find all Bedrock Size Outlines in our sizing chart below.

Verify Size Outline

Double check the size outline printed correctly by verifying with a ruler on each outline. A "printed incorrectly" message will appear in part or full at the top and bottom of an 8.5 x 11 in. sheet of printer paper if printed incorrectly.

Find your Best Fit

Stand on the printed size outline and place your foot inside. We recommend ~1 cm of space inside of the outline at the toe and heel to ensure a good fit. 

The solid outline represents the exact outline of the sandal while the dotted line represents Bedrock's best fit suggestion.

Get In Touch

Wondering which size would fit you best? Email a few photos of your foot on a printed size outline to get our expert opinion. We'll get back to you quickly! 

Please mention the model type you're interested in as well as photos of the top down and profile perspectives that show the space around the toe and heel. 


If you don't have access to a printer, measure your foot length and width with a ruler and choose a size 1.5-2 cm bigger.

Bedrock SizeSandal Length (cm)Sandal Width (cm)Cairn Size OutlinesClassic Size Outlines
Men's 4 / Women's 5228.3None Print Classic 4/5
Men's 5 / Women's 6238.7 Print Cairn 5/6 Print Classic 5/6
Men's 6 / Women's 7249.2 Print Cairn 6/7 Print Classic 6/7
Men's 7 / Women's 8259.5 Print Cairn 7/8 Print Classic 7/8
Men's 8 / Women's 9269.8 Print Cairn 8/9 Print Classic 8/9
Men's 9 / Women's 102710.3 Print Cairn 9/10 Print Classic 9/10
Men's 10 / Women's 112810.6 Print Cairn 10/11 Print Classic 10/11
Men's 11 / Women's 122911.1 Print Cairn 11/12 Print Classic 11/12
Men's 12 / Women's 133011.4 Print Cairn 12/13 Print Classic 12/13
Men's 13 / Women's 143111.6 Print Cairn 13/14 Print Classic 13/14
Men's 14 / Women's 153211.9 Print Cairn 14/15 None

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Dan & Nick

Bedrock Sandals began when Bedrock founders Nick + Dan met while doing AmeriCorps conservation fieldwork together in Northern CA. Bound by our love of the environment, wild places, and the adventures we have on them, they committed and joined 1% For The Planet the day Bedrock doors opened for business.

1% For the Planet is a wonderful organization founded by Patagonia's Yvon Chouinard that gives for-profit businesses the opportunity to affect positive change on our world. We are proud to donate at-least 1% of our sales every year to both local and national environmental non-profits! 

Check out the head office website on for more information.

1% for the Planet

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews Write a review