Bedrock Sandals

Classic Sandal (9mm)

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Colour: Black

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Huarache-inspired, but updated with modern materials and construction, Classics are our original sandal geared for ground feel.

Bedrock began in 2011 with our classic huarache-inspired outdoor sandals. Our classics combine an old school strap system with a simple Vibram® sole to make super minimalist sandals that let your feet be free.

The Bedrock classics are old school, ultralight, and huarache-inspired. The tried and true design comes with an expanded rubber Vibram® Sole, our super strong nylon footbed and multiple strapping options. Our classics are built for ultralight travel, barefoot-style running, and basecamp festivities.

This is the syncline model with 9 mm footbed.


Hand Made in the USA: The Bedrock classics comes with an expanded rubber Vibram® Sole, recycled polyester webbing, and a simple yet effective strap system. Our classics are built for ultralight travel, barefoot-style running, and basecamp festivities.

Vibram® Sole:  Made from an expanded rubber Vibram® compound that is 9mm thick including our granite grip footbed.

1/2" Wide Recycled Straps: Densely woven stand-up strapping made from recycled polyester and lined with recycled bike tubes. We source recycled bike tubes from local bike shops and can sometimes leave washable marks on the skin.

Classic Sandals Stats: Average weight per size 9 sandal: 4.5 OZ, 100% Vegan Materials.

Giving Back to our Planet: We proudly donate 1% of your purchase to environmental non-profits!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Michael M

Great on my third one. Couldn't be more pleased

Jeremy C

I've been using the classics for a couple months now, I have used them in Joshua tree, mt Whitney,and all threw the Eastern Sierra's, I recommend these to everyone, just size up.

Great Sandal

I havent used it much, but the overall feel is great. The straps are simple once they are adjusted properly. The only beef I have is that the footbed is slippery under my foot. I know its supposed to be grippy but for some reason it hasnt felt that way for me. One other thing I wish could be done is to somehow have the strap system of the cairns on these sandals with the thin sole. Its a lot to ask, I know. But honestly, if you guys made the cairns with the thin soles of the classics I would buy five pairs and never buy another shoe again.

Amanda C
Awesome Sandals

Experience was pleasant, fast and easy. Absolutely love my sandals. They are amazingly made, comfortable and beautiful to look at. Excited to explore life in them!

Ryan M
Best Darn Sandals Ever

Family has purchased eight pairs of sandals from Bedrock, personally these are my third pair, replacing my original classics. Love them. Have traveled the world over, wearing them. Still trying to figure out how I can get away wearing them with a suit :)

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