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Cairn Sandal

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Colour: Charcoal

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We broke the mould on “freedom footwear” with our award-winning Cairn design. With its exclusive strap system and Vibram® sole, Cairn continues to deliver on hiking trails, bike tours, or just kicking around town.

  • Patent-Pending Y-Strap design features 3/4 inch premium webbing, 3 adjustment zones and our sole-hugger wings for locked-in stability.
  • Exclusive Vibram® XS Trek Regolith Outsole: Lightweight and long-lasting, ready to grip for years to come.
  • Minimalist footbed conforms to your feet for superior ground feel, flexibility and packability.
  • Granite Grip footbed features grooved, triangular traction, that provides incredible grip in both dry and wet conditions, while simultaneously helping to aerate your feet.
  • At 14 mm stack height, the Cairn Vibram® sole is just the right thickness - not too thin, for extra rock protection and increased durability, and not too thick, for maximum flexibility and weight/space savings.
  • Premium components, bombproof + waterproof construction, made in USA with US and imported parts (sole imported).
  • We spent years sourcing the best materials in the world, so you can spend maximum time enjoying the outdoors. The Cairn is USA Assembled of Domestic and Foreign Parts.

Need more convincing, the Cairn sandal gets editors choice for best women's and men's sandal in the Outdoor Gear Lab review.

Customer Reviews

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Kokoda Trekker
Great for dry hiking; Look elsewhere for mud/wet-wear!!!

Honestly, I love my Cairn sandals. Wear them just about everywhere and for as long as I can before it gets too cold. Unfortunately, I actually bought them for use while hiking the Kokoda Trail. Bad move. The grip isn't good enough for slick/slimy river stones, and no toe protection means your inevitable slips jam your toes into the crevices between rocks and pebbles. Also, the minimal texture on the "insole" means you slide easily when they get muddy, and on descents, this means your full bodyweight is jamming your toes down around the thong, which can be quite painful. Definitely consider these for general wear and for hiking/trekking in the dry. Look elsewhere for wet weather/muddy trekking.

Absolutely love them!

I purchased a pair of Bedrock Cairn Sandal a while back and absolutely love them! Been using them daily and they performed extremely well. Multi day hikes, running and even went swimming with them. They're still in good shape :)

Nic d'Offay
Superb sandal

Been wearing these for a solid week now and I've got no complaints - super comfy, solid sole and easily adjustable.
Definitely a great investment for the outdoor enthusiast!

Matthew S
One Sandal to Rule Them All

After months of searching for a minimalist sandal, I settled on the Cairn. I've tried several others brands that are great on a natural surface but make the feet suffer in an urban environment. The Cairn performs equally in both natural urban environments maintaining earth feel comfort support in both. Solid sandal, built to last!

These Sandals Rock

First day I wore them I hiked 7 miles. Had no blisters and no pain, which is unheard of for me with adventure sandals. These are awesome and they actually look good,

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