General Questions

How do i determine my size?

In order to determine your size, head on over to our sizing page here.

To determine what hammock will suit your choice of adventure, check out the  Hammock Comparison Chart.

How long until my order arrives?

WildAir Ships orders from our warehouse in Torquay, Victoria, Australia. All orders are generally shipped via Australia Post and take around 5 business days. Check out our detailed shipping details here

What warranty do my products come with?

Each brand offers their own specific warranty information, refer to our warranty returns and exchanges page for further information.

How do i become a retailer?

Do you have a retail store or shop and want to carry our range of products?

Contact us now to get more information about our wholesale business.


I’m new to hammocking. What do I need to get started?

All ENO hammocks come with a set of carabiners and will work with all ENO suspension systems. To get started, the basic set up is your choice of hammock and your choice of straps. Check out the Hammock Comparison Chart and Strap Comparison Chart which help make it easy to decide which is right for you!

Are ENO hammocks breathable?

All ENO hammocks are made of porous, breathable nylon taffeta. This breathable quality lends itself to a cool, comfortable hammock experience.

How do I use and care for my ENO Hammock?

Check your gear before each use to ensure it is in good, working condition. Safety first!

UV damage causes your ENO Hammock to fade in color and become brittle which will lead to tearing. Do not leave your hammock out of doors year round but keep it “so fresh and so clean” by storing it in its attached stuff sack in a cool, dry space when not in use.

In set up, make sure your straps are securely wrapped and the carabiners are closed. Sit slowly in your hammock to make sure your hang is secure. Hang your hammock no more than 18″ (inches) off the ground.

While hammocking, remember to remove any sharp objects from your person, i.e. pocket knives, car keys, necklaces of teeth and/or stilettos.

Remember that puppies love hammocking, too, but they’ve got sharp nails so hammock with caution. If any small tears do appear, pick up a Hammock Repair Kit.

Remember: using any hammock carries inherent risk. Accidents happen. Use with caution.

For more information, learn how to Hammock Responsibly!

How do I wash my ENO Hammock?

We recommend either machine washing your hammock in a front loading washer or hand washing your hammock.

If you are going to machine wash your hammock we recommend first removing the carabiners (no need to untie any knots), then washing on a cool delicate cycle with a mild detergent, or a gear wash.

If you are going to hand wash your hammock, we recommend using a bucket, sink, or bath tub with the same type of detergents listed above.

Do not put the hammocks in the dryer. Hang or lay flat to dry.

I accidentally untied my hammock knots! What now?

No worries – it’s an easy fix! Follow along with Bryant’s Knot Re-Tie Extravaganza to take care of this at home. If for any reason, you feel uncomfortable re-tying these knots, contact us and we'll get it all spruced up for you!

Do I need a Suspension System to use my ENO hammock?

Your hammock will come with two aluminum wiregate carabiners on the ends that you can use to attach to whatever strapping or connecting device (ropes, webbing, etc.) for the objects you are using as your mounting points. 

With that being said, our Straps make the set up process extremely quick and easy.

You don’t need any knowledge of knots, the Straps simply wrap around your object and tighten on themselves. With regular rope, you need to find objects that are exactly 10 feet apart.   Not so with the Straps.

Once you get your Straps tight around your mounting objects, you are left with several loops that hang off and allow you to play with up to 15-25 more feet between your mounting points, giving you almost endless possibilities to where you can hang your ENO Hammock.

Heavy duty rope isn’t necessarily great for a tree’s bark either, but our flat tubular webbing is a lot gentler on trees. Plus, who wants to carry around pounds of heavy rope when you can just throw our 4-16oz straps in your bag and be ready to go!

Bedrock Sandals

How do I take care of my sandals?

Follow these instructions to take care of your Bedrocks and maximize their life-span:

1. Keep out of hot cars and out of the sun in hot climates! Bedrock Sandals Vibram® expanded rubber soles can shrink if exposed to very hot temperatures. The sandals can bend upwards in these super hot environments. They will bend back to normal once out of the extreme heat environment. 

2. Clean your Bedrock Footbed when necessary. Please wash by hand with soap and water whenever needed. Bedrock Sandals are great to wear in the shower and be cleaned easily that way. DO NOT put your Bedrock Sandals in the washing or drying machine! The hot water could damage the footbed, midsole, adhesive cement, and outsole.

How do I adjust my Bedrock Sandals?

Check out our Adjustment Guide to learn more about how to adjust the straps on your Bedrock Sandals. When done correctly you will have a customised fit.

Note: We recommend not using the back velcro to get in and out of your sandals, instead use the side buckle, this will prevent getting any dirt in the velcro and will prevent adjusting every use.

How long will my Bedrock Cairns last (durability)?

Our Cairn Vibram® Soles and Corded Toe Strap Plugs typically last between 500 and sometimes over 1,000 miles.  After heavy wear pull out the toe strap plug beneath the sandal to clean any sand and dirt that may be stuck underneath as this will increase plug durability. If a toe strap plug appears to be worn very thin while the sole still has life left, we can replace it on your sandal.


How do I clean my KAVU bag?   

Per the washing instructions on the inside tag, we recommend spot cleaning with cold water, air dry at room temperature and avoid drying in direct sunlight to minimise fading. Do not machine wash or dry clean as this may ruin your bag and will void the warranty. 

Does KAVU make sling bags for lefties?  

At this time, we don't offer sling bags that go over the left shoulder.

How do I know if a KAVU bag is FAKE?  

Fakes are out there, friends.  Don't be fooled by the cheap price and fancy photos. Be skeptical of bags listed in Facebook stories!  Watch this video on how to tell if the bag you're lookin to buy is fake.  Still not sure? When in doubt, always run it by us and we can consult with Team KAVU. 

How should I store my Chillba?  

The best way to store our famous Chillba hat is hanging it on a wall or resting it on a shelf.  Travel much?  You can roll it like a burrito but, don't fold it like a taco.  (Once it's creased - it's creased so, for piles of smiles don't flatten or fold it!)  

Farm To Feet

How Do I Care For My Socks?

To ensure long-lasting comfort and fit, Farm To Feet™ socks should be machine washed cold and laid flat to dry.